Kyle & Cartman

big bang update!

I'm so happy my artist has contacted me and that we seem to have the same vision for the characters. I would be puking with anxiety if my artist had chosen not to say anything to me until the fic was posted, and I'm really glad she took the time to let me know that she likes my draft. We've already vented about some typical fandom characterizations that drive us crazy, and it's been great to know I'm not the only one who's frustrated with the way Cartman is usually written, and the way Kyle is written as his love interest.

This all makes me very hopeful and excited for the big bang posting!
Kyle & Cartman

two things about my SP Big Bang:

1. I spent some time this weekend researching gay days at Disneyworld.

2. My draft has an lj cut tag that says "refuge in the meaty arms of Cartman."

I'm pretty excited about this story. Currently at 32k, looking like it's going to be about 40k total. I have the end written, still working on the later-middle.
Eric & Liane


I'm kind of impressed that all 3 (3!!) of the LJ friends I've managed to make so far, uhh. including myself. start with 'w' !!!?

attempt at livejournal, take two

I guess livejournal is uncool these days, but I still haven't found a better place to read fanfiction. I wasn't going to write fanfiction for the fandom that I made this journal for, but then a song came on the radio in the car this morning (How Long Till Your Surrender by Neon Trees) and it made me want to write reams and reams of Cartman/Kyle, so here I am, signed up for big bang.